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SEO for Foodies

Each year there seems to be more and more  food and drink festivals, and as an out and out foodie I’m really loving it! So how do Independent food and drink businesses go about marketing themselves in this era of supermarket offers and special deals? How do you make your products stand out from the […]

SEO essentials in under 10 minutes

This is a really useful 10 minute video by Google search team explaining how to approach a new website project. As well as covering how to set up the site so that Google can index it they look at site architecture and thinking about your customers, and how they might use your site.


5 Common Social Media Myths

So if you haven’t taken the plunge yet and started using Social Media in your business maybe this post will help you take that leap forward. There are plenty of myths out there surrounding social media in relation to your business and website. With this in mind I thought I would put some of the […]

Introduction to Twitter

New to Twitter? Here’s a really useful short vid to quickly outline why you should be using it market your business online. Don’t be one of those businesses that doesn’t use Twitter because you ‘don’t get it’!