Email Marketing Is Still Very Much Alive

“Email marketing died a long time ago.” We’ve all heard this phrase countless of times before. With the proliferation of different forms of communication like WhatsApp and all other social media platforms, many had predicted the end of email marketing.

However, despite the growing number of messaging apps and platforms, email marketing still remains the basis of the success of any business – from your neighbourhood shop to large corporations. Also, the mere fact that there are billions upon billions of emails circling the globe each day goes to show that email marketing is still alive.

Below are top 5 reasons to believe that email marketing is not going to perish soon or even in the future.

  1. Your customers actually like and expect emails.

Of course, these are for the emails that they choose to receive. Recent studies reported that majority of people sign up for newsletters from their favourite retailers – a sure sign that they do expect to get promotional emails from companies of their choice.

  1. Emails are extremely mobile.

Aside from texting, calling and looking at social media updates, people check their emails on their smartphone or tablet at least once a day. Your promotions will always be seen even when the customers are not on their desks. A side tip: make sure to optimise your email marketing campaigns for mobile users.

  1. Email marketing is clearly measurable.

The effectiveness of mail-based or direct mail marketing can never be determined. When it comes to social media, there are just to many factors to look at – likes, shares, re-tweets, subscribers, etc. You’re never too sure of what you actually need to look at to determine how your campaign went. In email marketing, however, the metrics are specific, timely, and measureable. You know who opened your message, what email client was used, and what specific item or button they clicked on.

  1. Email marketing is highly customisable.

The recipients of your email marketing campaign can be properly segmented with content tailored to suit their preferences. You can greet them by name, allowing your brand or business to connect with your customers on a more personal level, ultimately leading to higher conversion rates. With email marketing being relatively inexpensive to do and the high conversion probability it can offer, this form of customised marketing can really give businesses a huge ROI.

  1. Email marketing seamlessly integrates with all other online efforts.

If you have a store promotion ending soon, emails can easily send alerts about the deadline of an offer. If you have a social media post or a blog entry that you wish to share, emails can remind customers of new activities on your site. If you conduct webinars and online tutorials, emails serve as a reminder of an event a customer signed up for. In whichever activity there is, email marketing will always play a big part.

Face it. Email marketing is here and will be here to stay. As long as your email campaigns offer something useful and of value, readers are more than willing to give your message the time and attention it deserves.