SEO for Foodies


Each year there seems to be more and more  food and drink festivals, and as an out and out foodie I’m really loving it!

So how do Independent food and drink businesses go about marketing themselves in this era of supermarket offers and special deals? How do you make your products stand out from the rest? Here are a few questions and suggestions that you will hopefully find useful / thought provoking:

  • Have a clear strategy and plan – this involves understanding your target market, your competition and how you get your products in front of your audience.
  • How good are your marketing materials – packaging, point of sale, posters, flyers, website etc..
  • Are you capturing your customers’ and your potential customers’ email addresses? If so are you sending them a regular monthly e-newsletter?
  • Are you using Social Media to full effect? – This will primarily be Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  • How good is your website? Is it set up to sell, and are you easily found in Google search results?
  • Do you write a regular blog?
  • If you travel to festivals and markets – can your customers easily see when and where to find you?
  • Do you give your website visitors reason to keep coming back to your website – free downloadable recipes, how to videos etc..
  • Do you stage events to promote your products?Just a few ideas and questions to get you thinking about your marketing. You may already be doing some or even all of these things, if you are then great. The question is how often and are you able to quantify how effective they are?