5 Common Social Media Myths


So if you haven’t taken the plunge yet and started using Social Media in your business maybe this post will help you take that leap forward. There are plenty of myths out there surrounding social media in relation to your business and website. With this in mind I thought I would put some of the most popular untruths to rest.

Myth 1
None of my customers / clients use social media so why should I bother?

What a load of rubbish! The latest stats out show that Facebook now has over 1 billion users, 50% of whom use it on a daily basis. Twitter has 170 million and Google + 100 million users each, never mind LinkedIn, Pinterest and YouTube. In fact Youtube is the 3rd most popular website in the UK after Google and Facebook.

Your customers most definitely are using social media as are many of your competitors for that matter.

Myth 2
It’s only worth following someone if they will become a customer.

It is true that ‘quality’ followers are important but don’t underestimate the power of having ‘quantity’ and as such a wider social reach. Even if they are unlikely to become a customer, they will expose you to their followers and they can improve your SEO by sharing your content.

Myth 3
Social Media is only for younger people

Take a look at these stats on social mediai users and maybe you’ll change your mind:

40% of Facebook’s active users are over age 35.
52% of 55-64 year old internet users have joined a social network.

Myth 4
I don’t have enough content or anything interesting to say

Social Media moves pretty fast so you can revisit content every few weeks if you think it is information that your customers will continue to find useful. Try planning out your posts so you follow a broad strategy and you will find it a lot easier to think of things to post. Also follow an 80 / 20 rule on sales. Don’t just ram your sales message down your followers throats every time you say something. They will soon tire of it and move on.

Myth 5
Social Media is a FREE marketing tool

Strictly speaking it is but don’t forget it will take up someone’s time and this is where the cost is. To make it work for your business you will need to invest time or hire someone in to help you to work it on your behalf. That said research has shown it to be a below average marketing cost per sale generated compared to other, more traditional forms of marketing.