Facebook Live: Game Changer for Social Media Marketing


The dynamics of social media marketing are quickly evolving, as more and more customers crave social connectivity with the brands and businesses they like and support. 2016 has seen more businesses become more intimate and transparent with their followers through livestreaming and with Facebook Live, it changed the game altogether.

If you are not yet utilising this amazing feature in Facebook, you are potentially losing out. Here’s why Facebook Live made a dent in the social media stratosphere in 2016:

Facebook Live Grabs Attention… Instantly
You don’t need to worry about being lost in your follower’s newsfeed. Facebook Live commands your followers’ attention immediately because once you go live, their phone lights up to notify them that you are live.

Instant Engagement with Your Audience
Your audience is already on Facebook and the moment you go Live, notifications are sent and they can just tune in and watch. Facebook Live eliminates any third party app or a link you have to click and download to view the video. Everything is just there – plain and simple.
While your audience is watching you live, they can send you comments and ask questions and you can answer them in real time. In a world where everything is instant, this is instant, real-time engagement in the social media world.

Facebook Live Allows You to Repurpose Your Video
One good thing about Facebook Live is that the videos stay on your page. In case your audience missed your live broadcast, they can view it again on your page. Comments are not removed either. In addition, there is an embed feature in the video, allowing you to repurpose your broadcast to your website or blog. To push your marketing further, you could now start your own video blog or vlog – same video, different audience, and different reach. How amazing is that?

A catchy title is very important!
When using Facebook Live, there’s an important marketing tip to remember: Create a catchy title for your live broadcast. Why? When people get a notification that you are or were live, the only thing that they see in their notifications is the title. A compelling title is the perfect bait for them to click on your video.

Have fun!