Facebook Marketing

30 million people are now registered users of Facebook in the UK – that’s every other person.

facebookThere are loads of stats available to convince even the most skeptical out there that Facebook has become one of the most powerful marketing tools available. And its FREE. Once you have fans of your Facebook page you can market to them as often as you like. Unlike email marketing, you don’t require them to open your email. Your message appears as a post on their wall.

What’s more, as long as you don’t go mad, Facebook users will tolerate a lot more regular messages from you than they would emails.

For a lot of businesses Facebook should be one of the most important aspect of marketing. For some, Facebook is taking over from email as their preferred communication option. Depending on who your target audience is will depend on how much weight to put on Facebook. Certainly if you are selling your products and services to the public then it should be your main focus.

Fan page or Profile?
As a business you must make sure you have a Fan page rather than a Profile. This is really important. Facebook clearly states in their terms of service that profile pages are for individuals only and not for businesses. If you flout this rule you run a real risk of having your page deactivated. This could mean all the hard work you’ve done to build up followers disappears in one go.

What to do next?
We can help you to get your Fan Page set up correctly, get your business name as your Facebook URL, train you on how to create the right posts for your business and be there to support you as you run it. Or, we can take all of the headache away and run your Facebook fan page for you. The choice is yours.

Twitter Marketing

twitterTwitter is a game changer for new websites and blogs. By far, it is the easiest and cheapest way to get readers to your site. However, effectively using twitter to get noticed is more art than science. It is far too easy to do it wrong and waste a lot of time and effort. But why should you consider using Twitter to promote your business:

Ease of Use For Others
It is incredibly easy to use, no need to be a techno junkie. Also it promotes an atmosphere that allows people to relax and socialize about anything and everything and as a result creates an environment where people naturally tend to be less resistant. This type of atmosphere tends to make people more receptive to your sales message and is a significant reason why many are using twitter for promotional purposes.

Availability of Many Free Apps
There are so many different and very useful applications, most of which are free, that you can use to make more efficient use of your efforts and time. Due to site popularity many designers continue developing different apps all the time which in turn helps to make twitter one of the best social networking sites online.

Easy for you to use
If you take advantage of the automation these apps you can save a lot of time and effort

Huge user base
Twitter has a user base that is hard to ignore! People are using this particular social site for all types of reasons besides just socializing. For this reason alone it is likely the site will continue to grow since its sheer size continues to draw the curiosity and participation of others.

Viral Capabilities
Considering the immense popularity of this social platform the viral potential is enormous! Whether your reasons are personal, political or business oriented, due to many of the benefits already mentioned above it is an extremely easy way to spread the word both online or off!

Key to communication
If you targeted you readers, and engage them, they will respond.

We can help you to set your Twitter page up, train you on how to get and keep relevant followers, how and what to Tweet and how to avoid the things that so many do so wrong. We can either leave you to it after that or work out a level of involvement and support that is right for you.