E-mail Marketing

OK, so you’ve got a spreadsheet of customer emails you’ve started to collect, but what should you do with them?


Marketing to your customers by email is incredibly effective way of keeping in touch and selling your goods and services… when done correctly. We have years of experience and can manage your email marketing campaigns for you. We provide you with a professionally designed email newsletter template that will complement your existing website and company brand and train you on how to use the latest email marketing software to easily create, publish, and track email newsletters.

You can easily track the performance of your newsletters by logging onto your online control panel and viewing the charts and graphs in real time.

You can easily add features such as images, links back to your website, blogs, surveys and auto responders.

Rather than use software on your website’s server we have found that by using one of the established email marketing providers such as iContact or Mailchimp you will get a much higher delivery rate (their servers are white listed so your emails rarely get caught in Spam filters), at a lower price and without putting any strain or risk to your own server. They even have a FREE service for businesses that have less than 2000 email subscribers.

No matter what the size of your database of email addresses, you get all of the latest features, using the latest technology and at an affordable price.